International Buster Keaton Society Policy on Sexual Harassment

The International Buster Keaton Society does not and shall not condone sexual harassment among its members or non-members participating in Society-sanctioned functions, such as the annual convention. This zero-tolerance policy for such offenses may include, but not be limited to, expulsion of members from the Society and/or the prohibition of members or non-members from participation in official Society functions.  No refunds shall be due any person so expelled or prohibited. 

Sexual harassment can be defined as deliberate, unsolicited, and, most importantly, unwelcome comments, gestures, or physical contacts of a sexual nature, regardless of gender of the recipient or alleged offender. This includes suggestions that any member’s service or advancement in the Society is in any way contingent upon or related to their participation in or rejection of conduct of a sexual nature. It may also include so-called “third-party” offenses where a party overhears or witnesses conduct between or among others that they consider offensive. Sexist language, whether oral or written, that amounts to hostility toward or intimidation of an individual or group of individuals may also be construed as sexual harassment.

Anyone who feels that they have been subjected to sexual harassment should make their allegations known to the president or any director of the Society (or if occurring at the annual convention, any convention organizer will also be available to take the complaint).  Allegations of sexual harassment will be referred to the board of directors for prompt investigation and possible punitive action against anyone accused. If an alleged incident of sexual harassment occurs at an annual convention, the matter may be dealt with summarily by the directors and officers present.

The contents of this statement are not meant to preclude the Society from taking any and all other actions it deems appropriate under the circumstances.