New Photos from the Set of THE GENERAL

It’s not often one uncovers something truly priceless. While looking through negatives completely unseen for over 90 years, Justin Reeves discovered a collection of candid photographs from the set of Buster Keaton’s The General. What is most remarkable is that he found a photo of Buster lining up a shot with his crew. To have found such a detailed collection of candid photos of a silent film in production is rare enough, but to have an image of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time directing on the set of one of the greatest films of all time is truly miraculous. Justin told us, “I found a priceless piece of Hollywood history, in a stack of old negatives, in a brittle old yellow envelope, in an old box that was passed down from my Great Great Grandfather, to my Great Grandfather, to his son in law, my Grandfather, to my parents, to me.” And now… to you.

Bring the Image Home

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