Three Ages



Directed by: Buster Keaton and Eddie Cline

Release Date: September 24, 1923

Length: 6 reels (5251 feet)

Buster Keaton: The Hero
Margaret Leahy: The Girl
Joe Roberts:The Girl’s Father
Lillian Lawrence: The Girl’s Mother
Wallace Beery: The Villain
Oliver Hardy: Rival’s Roman Helper
Kewpie Morgan: The Emperor / Cave Man / Roman Thug (as Horace Morgan)
Blanche Payson: Amazon Cavewoman
Lionel Barrymore

7/25/23: Joseph M. Schenck Productions
3/8/79: Raymond Rohauer obtained the copyright, and it was eventually taken by Cohen Media. This was a matter of dispute between the parties for a time, but the film has now entered the public domain.
2019: Public Domain

Credits courtesy of Jack Dragga


The villain, Wallace Beery, would go on to be a big star at M-G-M in the 1930s, at the same time Buster was struggling at the same studio.

Margaret Leahy, Buster’s British leading lady, won a contest in England, and was supposed to get a featured role in a Norma Talmadge film… but that didn’t work out well, so she was moved over to Buster’s production company.

Three Ages was slight spoof of D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance, which also took place in several different eras.

From the Archives

Searching for Buster
by John Bengtson, author of Silent Echoes

Keaton Chronicle Vol. 5 / Issue 3 / Summer 1997

In Carl Sandburg’s The Movies Are, he reviews several Keaton film. His review of 3 AGES was reprinted in the Keaton Chronicle Vol. 10 / Issue 1 / Winter 2002

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